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From Joseph Schmidt <>
Subject Re: A very good Calendar replacement (MIT license)
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 16:31:55 GMT
> Please note this is a Prototype based Calendar so its claim of only 20kb 
> is incorrect. More likely 20kb + 115kb for Prototype.
But Prototype is already required by other Click controls, and
it's in extras anyway.
Besides, if you want to remove Prototype than another base library needs 
to take it's place - e.g. jQuery(cause it's small enough compared to 
other solutions) - it doesn't make sense to implement everything by hand.

> Also note there are less language packs than JSCalendar supports.
Most important is however that is active, and new languages(features and 
are added constantly, so we don't have to do it like in the case of 
abandoned ones(
jCalendar, OpenRico, etc.).


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