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From Joseph Schmidt <>
Subject Some features - was: "Re: [VOTE] Propose Click for Graduation" by Gabor.
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 18:26:21 GMT
> Companies and developers will start to use the framework without much 
> hesitation because they trust in the solution.
> The  Jira issue above points out that the .htm and .jsp extensions are 
> hard coded in the ClickServlet and int the XmlConfigService classes.
> The XmlConfigService class is a little bit complex and the modification 
> of this class is essential to solve this issue.
> If the configuration parts need to be changed to a great extent the 
> framework will be unstable for a while.
> Why extensions other than *.htm and *.jsp are important?
I think the click concept of "Pages" should remain as it is, and should 
apply only the *.htm
and *.jsp pages (Velocity or JSP).
Other extensions should be handled differently, not as a page, since 
they are not "pages" in the real sense of the word.

Handling *other file types* is however important, but I think specific
controls should handle this, controls that can be linked from pages.

> Other extensions would allow to generate template based
> - css file,
considered a bad practice to dynamically generate CSS.

> - xml and rss files,
I think they should be threated separately (and should be controls - 
e.g. link controls).

> - xml sitemaps and sitemap index,
(Also the sitemap that can be submitted to google would be good for 
public click applications: )

> - json data files,
Please vote for it, or submit a patch if you already have a good one 
that would fit with the Click concept.

> - csv files,
Please vote for it, or ... :).

> - parametric javascript files,

> etc.
I would add:
- PDF:
- FileDownload support, "controlled download" to be more precise:

> Example sitemap index
I'm getting only:
-------------------  2009-04-17T18:52:58+01:00  2009-04-17T18:52:58+01:00
So no nice sitemap example :(.

> Example rss
Nice. I'll make a JIRA issue for this too.

> Kind Regards
> Jozsef G.


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