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From Joseph Schmidt <>
Subject A very good Calendar replacement (MIT license)
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:26:23 GMT
I just found this nice calendar:
It looks very good (has several skins), and most importantly it's 
compatible with the Apache license (not like the now removed jCalendar)

A few other advantages of this new calendar (over the old one):
- it's not abandoned
- it's smaller than jCalendar
- can be used inline simply
- can display time selection too
- has a nice mode for readonly.
- IE6 iframe hack included
- popup window can work with a hidden field.
- many more....

Please include it in Click in the place of the old one (e.g. 
extras.controls.Calenar). The pure TextField based DateField is just a 
pain (if it were at least a composed of 3 selects would be usable).


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