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From Malcolm Edgar <>
Subject Re: A very good Calendar replacement (MIT license)
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 09:41:03 GMT
The problem we currently have is that this DateField is not provide
the functionality it used to in SF Click.  I have lots of applications
I can't migrate to Apache Click until this issue is addressed.
CalendarDateSelect provides the closet functional match to JS
Calendar. If someone would contribute a jquery DateField control with
time select capabilities that would be perfect. Otherwise
CalendarDateSelect is the best candiate that I know of.

regards Malcolm Edgar

On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Adrian A. <> wrote:
>> How about for DateField we use CalendarDateSelect (prototype), as this
>> provide closest feature set to the previous control.  The prototype
>> import would only be included for this control, it wouldn't be
>> included in the extras JS import.
>> In addition we could include an extras jquery package including
>> Datepicker control, and also include some of the other jquery
>> controls, e.g.
>> Accordion
>> Dialog
>> Progressbar
>> Slider
>> Tabs
> +1 for jQuery controls.
> However I think the best strategy would be to separate/refactor all
> Prototype based controls in a separate package:
> ""
> This way, in ""
> could be the "standalone" controls that have their own
> javascript and could be used with both frameworks.
> The jQuery controls could go than in:
> This would be much simpler for the user and also much more predictable.
> (similar to and hibernate packages)
> Thank you,
> A.

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