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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Submit Link - how to show custom messages?
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 19:23:08 GMT
Demetrios Kyriakis wrote:
> E.g. This control is quite practical for deleting something (to have a 
> POST), but usually it requires an confirm dialog to ask the user first.
> deleteLink.setAttribute("onclick", "return window.confirm('Are you sure 
> you want to delete this project?');");
> I think a better approach would be for the component to detect if 
> there's some user event attached, and insert it's own the on-the-fly 
> HTML form building only after the user script.

Good idea. However I don't think it will work to simply append the 
submit code after custom onclick code.

For example:

   <a onclick="return window.confirm('xxx'); alert('hello');"/>

The alert('hello') will never execute because of the leading 'return'.
Normally one will encapsulate the more complex JS in a custom method:

   function confirmSubmit() {
     var x = window.confirm('Confirm?');
     if(x) alert('yay');
     else alert('sniff');

So I suggest we provide a method, say "public String getSubmitScript", 
and document it with a demo example so users know exactly the JS code 
used for submission and can create confirmation dialogs, as long as 
they include the submit script.



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