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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Click Book checked in
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 18:54:46 GMT
Hi all,

Just checked in the new Click Book user guide to trunk.

The following changes were made:

* new folder 'documentation/xdocs' added which contains a build.xml, 
docbook sources, images and stylesheets.

* a new project called Click Docbook [1] was created which provides a 
modified Velocity Docbook (DBF). Modifications was not made DBF itself 
but rather its third-party libraries which was updated to their latest 

* when generating the Click Book, it will be copied to the folder 

* added user-guide to the table of contents and removed the links 
Pages, Controls, Configuration and Best Practices. The Introduction 
link is still their but now points to the user-guide introduction chapter.

To build the user guide navigate to 'documentation/xdocs' and run the 

   ant get-deps

   ant all

get-deps will download the modified DBF distribution zip file from the 
Click Docbook project. Please note that this file is quite large (9MB).

There are still some outstanding issues but we'll get to it as we move 

kind regards



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