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From "florin.g" <>
Subject Re: 2.0.1 Roadmap
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 04:32:42 GMT

It sound like a great idea. I reserve some questions though:

- Layout. The freedom to layout elements per design is so essential
- Decomposition. How do you decide which fields need updated? On what page?
- Validation. Server and client side.
- Multiple action events. More than one submit button, etc.

I supposed it cannot be a Swiss knife, yet what is the minimum for it to
become useful?

sabob wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> Geoff Hopson wrote:
>> A while ago (Click v0.6?) I submitted an "AutoForm" component that 
>> needed some work by better people than I - the AutoForm would take a 
>> bean and generate a fully-loaded form containing text fields, 
>> IntegerFields, whatever. A properties file was used to further refine 
>> the display (eg declare hidden fields, display order).
>> In short, it would be nice to have a BeanForm component - someone told 
>> me that Tapestry 5 has something similar.
> You mean this right? 
> (Actually that looks like a T4 component)
> I am a bit uncertain if we should include this in the framework itself 
> though. Could become difficult to maintain.
> For a start though we can add a wiki entry for it and see what 
> develops from there.
> kind regards
> bob

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