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From a_adrian <>
Subject Re: Click Book
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:37:56 GMT

sabob wrote:
>> Very nice PDF, but I think the "book" (PDF version) could be a little bit
>> different than the HTML/Website version, e.g.:
>> - it could contain the cheatsheet as the last page (I suppose this should
>> be
>> a simple inclusion of the actual cheatsheet pdf)
> The cheatsheet is not written in docbook and I'm not sure how one can 
> include a raw pdf. Any pointers would be useful.
I think there should be some simple "include" directive, to include directly
another PDF at the end.
Of course it depends on the used tools (but I think this is a basic

sabob wrote:
>> - it could have an index at the end (this should be automatically
>> generated)
> I find indexes useful for printed books but not PDFs. The searching 
> capabilities work much better for me. That said we can generate an 
> index, however I doubts its as simple as a generation switch. How will 
> it know what to include in an index? More likely the indexes will have 
> to be marked up or written from scratch. Again if there are automated 
> ways of doing this I'd like to hear about them.
Of course for printed too :). The PDF is the best to print something :).
E.g. sites like allow individual publishing.
(of course a nice cover would be needed, but maybe that's not that difficult
:) ).

Regarding index generation, I think it works the same as the Lucene index
- the tools makes a a simple list of words, with ranking, and at the end,
the user can make a white list out of it, deleting undesired elements. Upon
the next re-indexing, the tool is using only the white list.
If I recall right, even Word can do such a thing (but LaTeX can do it too -
and even more),  so I suppose since DocBook is supposed to be the standard
in technical writing, it should have such basic stuff. 

sabob wrote:
>> - it could have "pdf bookmarks" as the table of content - like seen in
>> many
>> ebooks (this should be also automatically generated).
> I don't follow. The pdf already has a TOC which is the same as the pdf 
> bookmarks. Do you mean something else?
In PDF (if configured), there's something called "bookmarks", that can
appear as a TOC
on the left column.
In Adobe reader I guess it's Ctrl+5.
A tree with the TOC is displayed, allowing quick jumping to the text
(without going to the TOC form the beginning of the book), or if the focus
is on the page, than it can highlight the actual node in the tree.
This makes the work with PDFs very efficient.

Thank you,

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