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From a_adrian <>
Subject Re: Click Book
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 15:10:14 GMT

sabob wrote:
> The first draft of the new Click Book is available here [1]. Links to 
> other Click documentation (such as Javadoc) won't work because the 
> Javadoc is not included in the zip. Once the new docs is incorporated 
> into Click proper this won't be an issue.
> A big thanks to Gilberto for doing the conversion. Without his help 
> this would have taken a very long time :)
> Still need to check the latest changes in but the svn server is giving 
> problems atm.
Very nice PDF, but I think the "book" (PDF version) could be a little bit
different than the HTML/Website version, e.g.:
- it could contain the cheatsheet as the last page (I suppose this should be
a simple inclusion of the actual cheatsheet pdf)
- it could have an index at the end (this should be automatically generated)
- it could have "pdf bookmarks" as the table of content - like seen in many
ebooks (this should be also automatically generated).

I think all the above would improve the quality of the book, and are
supposed to be only a few settings at pdf generation.

Thank you,


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