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From Demetrios Kyriakis <>
Subject Re: checkstyle-all.jar and dev.jar issues
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2008 11:48:09 GMT
> Checkstyle-all.jar is LGPL based, so will have to be removed from the 
> distribution.
> Even though a taskdef in our build.xml is dependent on checkstyle, the 
> build still works without the jar. Ant simply prints a warning.
> Was thinking of adding the jar to the get-deps target, however only 
> checkstyle.jar (the one without dependencies) is available from maven 
> repo's. Checkstyle itself depends on a further 5 dependencies, so I'm 
> not sure we should add that to the get-deps task.
I think we should put the actual checkstyle-all.jar somewhere else (e.g.
sourceforge) and let the get-deps task pick it from there.
This is simple and I think it's "compatible" with the Apache license.

For simplicity for the future of course, we could ask at checkstyle site 
to put an official ckeckstyle-all.jar in the maven repos too.

> We can enhance the checkstyle task to notify Click developers about 
> manually downloading and adding the checkstyle-all.jar to their 
> classpath when building Click.
No, please don't go this path. It's a total pain and a break when using 
continuous integration systems.

> Alternatively another ant target could be added get-checkstyle.
This is too much trouble. Simply use the standard get-deps.

> The other issue is with dev.jar which doesn't have a license but I 
> recall it was authored by Malcolm? Guess we can decompile the code and 
> release it under Apache2.0?
I already got the decompiled sources a long ago from Ahmed.
He used a package that fits in "/click/trunk/tools/standalone/dev-tasks/"
together with other click dev tasks. That place is much better than 

I can send those sources if you wish.


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