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From Demetrios Kyriakis <>
Subject Re: Incompatibilities
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 13:47:51 GMT
>> No, for the user it is not confusing. It's the same thing like with the
>> controls
>> distributed with Click too: even if they don't change, they still get an
>> updated "version" by being in that jar (or extras jar). I think the same
>> should be true for the "external" jars too. 
> Sorry but if users upgrade Click they should not have to re-download
> extension projects, especially if those projects haven't changed.
Users should not care about individual components much. They should 
think of Click as a whole, and if they want to optimize, than remove 
what's not needed.

I see this problem live every day with Tapestry and other projects and 
it's just a pure pain (and I haven't even gotten yet in the dependency
nightmare with the other Apache projects most projects seems to use - 
e.g. commons).

Please put it in the right context: the users many times don't use the 
latest version of Click, so than hunting the right version is not 
simple: in most cases it's not that simple as "just get the latest 
version from everyting you need".

Thank you,


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