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From Demetrios Kyriakis <>
Subject Re: Incompatibilities
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 09:36:48 GMT

> #1 DateField was refactored into a DateField and CalendarField. 
> DateField accepts a date which must be keyed in by the user. It does not 
> support a calendar popup. CalendarField is based on JSCalendar and 
> hosted at Google code:
> #2 Chart controls and examples was moved to its own Google project as 
> well:
> #3 The JavaScript function addLoadEvent (control.js) was rewritten under 
> Apache license.
> #4 The RichTextArea example, based on TinyMCE, was replaced by YUI 
> editor. YUI is released under BSD so is compatible with Apache license.
-1 for YUI. If no other WYSIWYG can be found, than I think none should 
be deployed (or put the tinymce on google code too).

> Next task is to update all the distribution license headers. According 
> to this document [1] the license header should not contain any copyright 
> notices.
> There is also the issue of controls contributed by Ahmed which might be 
> rewritten.
> With these out of the way we can start thinking of releasing our first 
> Apache release. :)
I think a very important issue with these "external" packages/jars is 
their version: I think their version number should be the *same* as the 
click distribution that fits to.

It is just a pain in the a.. to match all the time the various component 
versions with the correct framework (I'm speaking about other frameworks 
:),  but it looks like click is adopting the same bad strategy :( ).

Please fix this.

Thank you,


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