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From Demetrios Kyriakis <>
Subject Re: Branding
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 12:12:56 GMT
> According to the branding guide [1] Click is now in the 2nd stage of 
> incubation. We need to update the site with a disclaimer and incubator 
> logo.
It was mentioned before(on these lists) where could the apache logo be 
added so that it's less invasive,
and the actual look and feel and layout to be kept (I still think it's 
the most efficient for developers how it is now :) ).

> With the move to Apache what happens with the old site at SF? Can we 
> simply add a notice which links to the new site? Or should it be 
> re-branded as well?
IMHO the old one should be kept too (at least for a while), since
because of the extensive documentation Click has, many use links
to that online documentation(even if they could have locally too) - I 
saw this in many internal mails or wikis for projects that use or plan 
to use Click.

> The guide also mentions that Click Framework should be called "Apache 
> Click Framework". With this change I suggest we drop the "Framework" and 
> simply call it "Apache Click".
IMHO the word "framework" should be kept, because "click" is a too 
generic term,
and if you remove "framework", than it would simply disappear from the 
first page of search engines (or at least keep it the titles and meta, 
so that when people search for "click framework" to still find it).
Besides I think some clickframework.??? domains were registered too for 
commercial/os support so they would be still good for something :).

Also I think there's no need to append "apache-<<>>" to any 
distribution zip and first level directory (like some projects do), 
since it's evident that it's Apache since it's from Apache (this small 
annoyance means that users have to rename the base directory all the 
time - and since there are many projects with lots of updates from 
Apache these days, this is too much work lately - were it could be none).

Thank you,


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