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From "florin.g" <>
Subject Re: Branding
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 18:48:25 GMT

I sure hope that changing from Click to Apache Click will help.

I've always wanted to suggest that you add tot he work 'click' as it makes
it almost impossible to search for 'click' related stuff. I ended up
learning the sites where I can find help and stop at that. I think this is a
great loss as helpful information regarding 'click' can spread on the web
yet hard to find. 

You're in the middle of something stressful and now get slowed down by the
thousands reply to 'click'. 

Does EasyClick work? I don't know...

Otherwise, please make things CLEAR when switching. We are all in a hurry to
get to the answer. If you take Jetty documentation and its site in general,
it is indeed awful. It's a good bad example right there.

Hm, yes, thank you for your effort. I really enjoy Apache Click.

sabob wrote:
> Apache Click website is up at:
> Changes include renaming the title to Apache Click, adding the 
> incubator logo to the top right corner and inclusion of the standard 
> Apache disclaimer.
> Added new Downloads sections for both Click and ClickIDE. You can find 
> the links in the left hand menu.
> I've also removed references to "Project leads" and instead just list 
> the contributors.
> Anything I missed?
> kind regards
> bob

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