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Subject svn commit: r956621 - /click/trunk/click/documentation/docs/roadmap-changes.html
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 15:24:55 GMT
Author: sabob
Date: Mon Jun 21 15:24:54 2010
New Revision: 956621



Modified: click/trunk/click/documentation/docs/roadmap-changes.html
--- click/trunk/click/documentation/docs/roadmap-changes.html (original)
+++ click/trunk/click/documentation/docs/roadmap-changes.html Mon Jun 21 15:24:54 2010
@@ -93,6 +93,21 @@ includes improved Ajax support and @Bind
       <ul style="padding: 0em; margin-left:0em;margin-bottom: 2em">
           <li class="change">
+            Fixed the JavaScript function <tt>Click.submit(form, validate)</tt>
which incorrectly
+            stated that the first argument is the form name. The first argument
+            is in fact the form instance.
+            <p/>
+            For example:
+            <pre class="prettyprint">
+Select.setAttribute("onchange", "Click.submit(form, false)");
+          </li>
+          <li class="change">
+              Changed AbstractControl not to render the <tt>name</tt>
+              attribute since it is only used for Field controls
+              [<a target="_blank" href="">CLK-699</a>].
+          </li>
+          <li class="change">
               Improved Table and Select to retrieve data from their DataProviders
               during the onRender event. This change allows exceptions thrown
               by DataProviders to be handled by the ErrorPage
@@ -118,6 +133,10 @@ includes improved Ajax support and @Bind
               [<a target="_blank" href="">CLK-701</a>].
           <li class="change">
+              Fixed Form validation to add and remove an <tt>error</tt> class
+              [<a target="_blank" href="">CLK-700</a>].
+          </li>
+          <li class="change">
               Update to the latest version for some of the JARs dependencies: log4j-1.2.16,
               commons-codec-1.4, and commons-lang-2.5.
@@ -211,7 +230,7 @@ includes improved Ajax support and @Bind
       <li class="change">
         Added improved dynamic Form support. Forms can now optionally bypass
         validation for JavaScript based submissions using the new JavaScript
-        function <tt>"Click.submit(formName, validate)"</tt>
+        function <tt>"Click.submit(form, validate)"</tt>
         [<a target="_blank" href="">CLK-638</a>].
       <li class="change">

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