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From Ariel Rabkin <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Chukwa 0.4 released
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2010 18:54:53 GMT
This originally went to  Apparently, not
everybody on this list is also on that one, so I'm resending the
announcement here.

The Chukwa team is pleased to announce the release of Chukwa 0.4.0,
our second public release.

Chukwa is a log collection framework designed to facilitate
large-scale log storage and processing with Hadoop. Chukwa  has been
tested at scale and used in several production settings, and is
reasonably robust and well behaved.

- This release fixes many bugs, improves documentation, and adds
several more collection tools, such as the ability to collect UDP
- There is one important backwards-incompatible change. Instead of
separate scripts for starting Chukwa agents, collectors, etc, there is
now a single bin/chukwa taking a mode parameter.

See for an overview of
Chukwa and for
download links. And feel free to email with
any questions or concerns.


Ari Rabkin
UC Berkeley Computer Science Department

Ari Rabkin
UC Berkeley Computer Science Department

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