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From Bill Graham <>
Subject Initial Chukwa questions
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 18:25:38 GMT

I'm evaluating Chukwa for a use case we have, where it seems like it should
meet our needs fairly well. After reading the docs I have a few general
questions to ask though, before going to far down the path of installing and
testing Chukwa.

- The admin guide states that Chukwa is installed on "A hadoop cluster
created specifically for Chukwa". I can see how this is the case when you're
using Chukwa to collect Hadoop logs. In my case though, I'm looking to use
Chukwa to collect access logs from our web servers. So do I still need a
Hadoop cluster _specifically_ for Chukwa, or will Chukwa play nicely with my
existing Hadoop cluster that is also used for other things?

- The admin guide also states that MySQL 5.1.30 is required. We're still
running MySQL 5.0.x. Does Chukwa require specific 5.1.30 features, or is
that just the version it's been tested against?

- I'm running Hadoop 0.18.3. Is that ok?

- Where are the Chukwa collectors typically installed? On the name node,
data node(s), or some other server(s) that are not part of the cluster? How
many are typically used for adequate redundancy?

- What release should I be using or should I build from the trunk? If the
answer is the trunk, when is the next scheduled release planned for? The
Chukwa Releases URL is broken on the admin guide btw, even after removing
the trailing characters:

Thanks for taking the time to read through these (and hopefully reply :) ).


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