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From xzer <>
Subject Re: allocate customized information via chukwa
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2012 08:47:05 GMT

Thanks for your reply, I read about your advised projects, and I
believe scribe or flume is for my case.

But I found that In flume, there is no a defined tier for post
processing just as demux jobs in chukwa, I know I can do them by an
individual module of my system but I believe a built-in post
processing conception is better.

Another way, In scribe, it seems that there are things called
continuous copier and parallel tailer for post processing but it is
not clear that how they work.

My system is not big enough as facebook or google, it has small or
middle level load and there are only several servers, I need a
replicatable, speedy and simple solution for log allocating. I found
the architecture of chukwa is clear and simple for a middle  scale
system despite of what it is really doing.

I think scribe is too complex for me, and I am interested in whether
it is possible to reuse the control follow of chukwa disregard where I
save my data to. I would do more work on those frameworks but I think
to abstract the control follow of chukwa is a good idea because it is
simple enough for a small system.

Best Regards


在 2012年3月30日 下午2:29,Jiaqi Tan <> 写道:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 1:04 PM, xzer <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am working for a solution for allocating statistics information from
>> our own systems, I found that the architecture of chuka is a good one
>> for my work. I have 2 questions here:
>> 1. I found that chuka is designed for allocate information of hadoop
>> clusters not for a common useage of information allocating, is that
>> right? or I missed something?
> Yes and no. You can run Chukwa collectors anywhere, but there are
> quite a number of plugins designed for collecting Hadoop data. Also,
> Chukwa deals with large volumes of collected data by writing to HDFS
> (or HBase?), so it uses Hadoop as well.
>> 2. If I did not miss anything, is it possible that reforming chuka to
>> a common framework for allocating information?
> There are a number of other frameworks for collecting log data and
> other system information such as Facebook's Scribe, Cloudera's Flume,
> and even more traditional systems such as Nagios or Ganglia.
>> Best Regards
>> xzer
> Hope this helps,
> Jiaqi

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