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From Eric Yang <>
Subject Simplify chukwa agent
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2010 22:31:23 GMT
Hi all,

Chukwa agent code is not intuitive to understand.  This is mainly the
interface in Chukwa agent is over complicating the implementation.  I
don't see a rationale for having each class to be an interface.
Connector and Chukwa Sender are two interfaces which are not very
useful to be interface.  It creates over complicated subsystem to
maintain collector list in agent, connector and sender.  Ideally,
there should be a single place for configuration source of truth.  I
am leaning toward making those interface abstract classes.  Connector
should be rename to something more meaningful like multiplexer or MUX
for short.  AgentControlSocketListener could be refactor into a jersey
like rest api, for easier to maintain the code base, and remove the
9093 protocol.
This sounds like a major task.  I like to gather feedback to see if
this change is necessary for creating more traction on chukwa


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