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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject [REPRISE]Move mailing lists to Incubator
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 12:08:44 GMT

I know this was discussed before, yet I'd like to bring this up again.

At first, some facts:
+ We need a private list
+ We need to keep track of our commit logs
+ We don't know how long Chukwa will stay in Incubation

Now, from the Incubator docs:
"Commits under${name} will
be emailed to ${name} It is therefore
recommended that the commit list is named
${podling} Any deviation will require
special configuration in the asf-mailer file by the IPMC."

During the proposal discussion phase, it was deemed practical that
we'd change the mailing list names only once.
I don't agree with that, in fact I think this will only generate more work.

I'd like to propose that we now change all ML names to
chukwa-XZY@incubator.a.o. and change it to on
Incub. exit. This is a well-known, well practiced workflow and will
work seamlessly.
Since there is no need to re-subscribe etc. this will actually be
small-overhead operations, compared to, for example, moving the
website over or doing proper Incubator releases (and I recommend that
all committers make themself familiar with the corresponding docs). In
fact, it would emphasize that we are good Incubator citizens and makes
it easier for Incubator PMC (IPMC) members to successfully do due
diligence on Chukwa when vetting releases and exiting.


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