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From Eric Yang <>
Subject Re: a few admin guide notes
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:15:54 GMT

On 4/27/09 2:55 PM, "Ariel Rabkin" <> wrote:

> A couple notes on the current admin guide.
> 1) There's a reference to an internal Yahoo! hudson under "Chukwa
> Binary".  Probably should be excised.

This should be renamed.

> 2) Do I need to download tomcat and stick it in /opt?  If not, how
> does HICC get ahold of it?

Yes, download tomcat and extract to opt, and you should copy hicc.war to
apache-tomcat/webapps, then copy descriptors, views from
chukwa/opt/apache-tomcat/webapps/hicc to
Chukwa/var directory.

I will ask Corinne to include this in the documentation.

> 3) What happens if I add multiple databases to jdbc.conf ?

jdbc.conf supports multiple databases with this syntax:


If the data processor node contains multi-line jdbc.onf, it will run
aggregation and down samples on the defined databases.

> 4) Do we need to give the whole my.cnf in the admin guide?  It breaks
> up the flow of the document. Can't we just say, "look in
> CHUKWA/opt/..."?

+1 on this improvement. CHUKWA-191 filed.

> 5) We still have bin/ and  Do these
> still work?  Are they being maintained?  Should they be documented?

Both of those should work, but we are not using them in Yahoo nor testing


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