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From Ariel Rabkin <>
Subject Re: Chukwa build
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 18:48:40 GMT
I vote for option 1.  One more jar dependency won't be a serious bar
to adoption, particularly if we roll it in to the release.   And I
think we ought to use a near-current Hadoop.

I see no reason to keep .18 around by default.  People who need back
compatibility with their DFS can just use their favorite jar.  Though
in an ideal world we would avoid version dependencies in the

As to separating HICC and Chukwa.  It would certainly be possible to
do so, but I'm not convinced there's a pressing need.  Any sense how
painful it would be?


On Mar 24, 2009, at 12:48 PM, Jerome Boulon <>

> Hi,
> The current build is broken, so what the plan?
> 1- use hadoop 20 core in place of hadoop18 core jar (backend and
> frontend).
> 2- use hadoop 20 core in place of hadoop18 core jar for the frontend
> and
> hadoop18 core jar  for the backend.
> 3- keep the agent independent from hadoop and move all hadoop related
> classes to different directories.
> 4- keep some independent part of chukwa in Hadoop contrib in order to
> automatically support multiple Hadoop versions.
> Keep in mind that ChukwaAgent could be used outside of hadoop, so not
> requiring hadoop jar will be a plus for Chukwa adoption outside of
> hadoop
> but in the other end we don't want to rebuild something that is
> already
> available by using Hadoop jar (like configuration and metrics, etc).
> - Hadoop instrumentation API in my mind is a special case and should
> not be
> part of the agent jar since we want to support multiple use cases/
> version of
> hadoop.
> - The log4jAppender + Exec plugin should be a standalone jar.
> - Same thing for collectors since people can use them without using
> demux.
> - hicc framework should a separate standalone component (Hicc specific
> widgets for chukwa should not be in this directory). Hicc should be
> reusable
> outside of chukwa and chukwa widgets are example on how to use the
> hicc-framework
> /Jerome.

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