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Subject svn commit: r1662983 - /chukwa/trunk/
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:57:11 GMT
Author: eyang
Date: Sat Feb 28 17:57:11 2015
New Revision: 1662983

CHUKWA-740. Updated README file to be more current.  (Lewis John McGibbney via Eric Yang)


Modified: chukwa/trunk/
--- chukwa/trunk/ (original)
+++ chukwa/trunk/ Sat Feb 28 17:57:11 2015
@@ -71,15 +71,12 @@ If you're impatient, the following is th
 The minimum you need to run Chukwa are agents on each machine you're 
 monitoring, and a collector to write the collected data to HDFS.  The
-basic command to start an agent is bin/chukwa agent.  The base command to
-start a collector is bin/chukwa collector.
+basic command to start an agent is bin/chukwa agent.  
 If you want to start a bunch of agents, you can use the
 bin/ script. This just uses ssh to start agents on a
 list of machines, given in conf/agents. It's exactly parallel to
-Hadoop's start-hdfs and start-mapred scripts.  There's also a 
-bin/ that does the same to start collectors, on 
-machines listed in conf/collectors.  One hostname per line.
+Hadoop's start-hdfs and start-mapred scripts.  
 There are stop scripts that do the exact opposite of the start commands. 

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