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From "Lu, Wentao" <>
Subject RE: OpenCMIS SSO authentication provider
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 16:49:37 GMT
Thanks Florian.

We use CMIS bridge here, the transaction flow is :  client (Jboss)->cmis-bridge(weblogic)->FileNet
CMIS server(weblogic).    Usually we ask client to set a http basic header when call cmis-bridge,
this time we'd like to looking for SSO solution, I expect client can send cmis-bridge an authentication
token (Kerberos or SAML, etc.) and cmis-bridge will accept and proceed it. 

I guess this is server side use case. My understanding is we need to build a customized CallContextHandler,
could you help to provide some ideas or guidelines and sample code if possible?

Does cmis-bridge support application server authentication?  WebLogic supports both Kerberos
and SAML and also FileNet CMIS server supports application server authentication.


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From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2018 3:25 AM
Cc: Lu, Wentao
Subject: Re: OpenCMIS SSO authentication provider

Hi Wentao,

Are you talking about the client side or the server side?

On the client side, there is support for basic auth, NTLM (with many 
restrictions), OAuth, and client certificates. Kerberos is supported (to 
some degree) by the JVM. SAML doesn’t make sense here. Other 
authentication mechanisms can be plugged in but are not provided 

On the server side, there is just basic auth support. Other 
authentication mechanisms can be put in front of OpenCMIS. At SAP, we 
have a product that works with basic auth, OAuth, SAML, and client 
certificate authentication. So, it's doable but not provided by 

- Florian

> Could someone let me know what's the roadmap for Chemistry SSO
> support?  Is there any SSO (i.e. Kerberos, SAML, or others)
> authentication provider already or is planning to added into the new
> Chemistry release?
> We have a coming project which prefer to use Kerberos or SAML for
> authentication via AtomPub/Java.
> Thanks
> Wentao
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