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From Tycho Nijon <>
Subject Connecting OpenCMIS to an ElasticSearch index on an object storage.
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 14:30:57 GMT

In the project I am currently working on, I am trying to implement an 
OpenCMIS Server to enable a CMIS connection to our repository. Following 
the OpenCMIS Server Development Guide from the corresponding Github page 
(see addendum links), I managed to get the Java project running in 
Eclipse using Maven and a Tomcat server. In the default state, this 
project works with a repository based on a file system structure. In 
other words, it assumes a root and a directory/file structure and uses 
the Java File class to simulate this logic.

However, the repository I am trying to connect to is an object storage 
repository. This means that there is no mention of a file, or directory. 
On top of this object storage we have an ElasticSearch index in which 
some structure is defined (i.e. there is a file system like structure 
through parent/child relationships in the index). I am now wondering if 
it is possible to rewrite the provided code in such a way that it can 
handle such an object instead of a Java File object. My attempts thus 
far have been unsuccessful, but I have not changed all the required 
parts of the project yet. After working mainly in the 
"" file, I noticed that removing the File 
structure from that file raised errors in files higher up the chain, 
because they expect a File object to be returned.

My question would then be: "Is it feasible to rewrite this project to a 
project that can handle different object types?". If the only way to do 
that is to rewrite the entire framework, I am unsure if it is even worth 

I will be glad to explain more details about my project if more 
information is required.

Kind regards,

Tycho Nijon


[OpenCMIS Server Development Guide PDF]

[OpenCMIS Server Development Guide github]

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