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From "Suhaib Fahad" <>
Subject RE: CMIS Swagger REST API - PogeyanOSS
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2017 17:03:18 GMT
Hi Florian, 

Thanks for your point on licensing, I have updated that.

>From the project itself, we would like to see feedbacks on the following,

1) Can we add more REST endpoints that will help expose CMIS APIs thru simple REST based access.
For example: currently we have a POST HTTP action generated for every base type + custom type
that is found thru the Type Service, the REST side of the story exposes a simple API, but
underlying it will create either a FOLDER, DOCUMENT or ITEM. This is really simple to consume
in existing applications without any dependency on CMIS libs or understanding of underlying
CMIS APIs. Similarly, Can we think of abstract notions for other services, such as versioning
for example, or navigating folder hierarchy etc., And also would be helpful if someone can
use it and give feedbacks 😊.

2) The Swagger definitions are basically a wrapper, which means it has run as another micro-service
in existing landscape. We wanted to have separate components so we can have deployments done
easily, is this fine?

3) And lastly, if such a project is useful, Can it be taken into the existing OSS projects
in Apache Chemistry? We would like to contribute such components in future and this will give
us an insight on how to proceed with the OpenCMIS community.


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From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 7:11 PM
To:; Suhaib Fahad <>
Subject: Re: CMIS Swagger REST API - PogeyanOSS

Hi Fahad,

That sounds like an interesting project.

How exactly can we help you?

There is one thing you should definitely do. All source files must have a header the matches
the license - in your case the Apache license.
You can find the a header template here (scroll down to the appendix):

- Florian

> Hi,
> I would like to introduce myself to the Apache Chemistry devs. We have 
> been using Apache Chemistry/OpenCMIS from last 1.5 years within our 
> internal content projects/customer projects.
> Me and my team are working on some core CMIS components that we would 
> like to open source as well. As part of the OSS release, our first 
> component is the Swagger REST API wrapper to CMIS (planning to release 
> some more in the coming months). It can work with any CMIS compliant server.
> We believe that this component will help many adapt CMIS in an easier 
> way into their existing client applications.
> This is our first OSS release in the open, and we would like to hear 
> feedbacks and comments about the approach.
> Thanks,
> Fahad

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