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From ""<>
Subject SPNEGO Authentication Provider impl used with CMIS 1.1.0
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2017 15:57:41 GMT
I have Alfresco Core repository configured with SPNEGO authentication (Kerberos SSO).
I am writing a service that talks to it using Apache Chemistry opencmis library 1.1.0. Cmis
library requires me to provide custom authentication provider, but it drops the Authorisation
header I am adding(DefaultHttpInvoker.invoke() line:129). So far I came up with following:

public class KerberosAuthProvider extends AbstractAuthenticationProvider {

public Map<String, List<String>> getHTTPHeaders(String url) {   
   try {        
             String authToken = ….  // generate token       
            Map<String, List<String>> headers = Maps.newHashMap();           
            headers.put("Authorization", Lists.newArrayList("Negotiate " + authToken));  
            return headers;   
    } catch    (Exception ex) {       
               throw new IllegalStateException("Couldn't get token", ex);    }}

Alfresco responds with following:

No Proxy-Authorization Header is present.
No Authorization Header is present.

I will appreciate any suggestions.

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