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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Slow when call cmis bridge using pure http call after a few days
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2016 17:00:27 GMT
Hi Wentao,

The log excerpt shows that the getRepositoryInfo call takes most of the 
time. Why it takes that long should be answered by a FileNet expert 

The log excerpt also shows that you are creating a new OpenCMIS session 
to your FileNet server on the bridge. If you can cache the OpenCMIS 
session object on the bridge, you avoid the getRepositoryInfo call and 
save a lot of time.
Probably you already do that but your cache evicts the session object at 
some point. The next request has to set up a new session that then calls 
getRepositoryInfo again, which takes time. That would explain why it 
suddenly gets slower.

Does it stay slow or do you only see spikes?
Are you using HTTP sessions and cookies for the cache? If so, does the 
client always send the correct (current) cookies?

Btw. Use the Browser Binding, if you can. It's faster.

- Florian

> Hi,
> We have a custom code which can't use OpenCMIS Client library, we
> asked them to use pure http call by assembly the getContentStream  url
> with http basic header. The access is via cmis bridge (version 0.10)
> to backend FileNet CMIS.
> The call was fast (less than 3 second) at the beginning, but after a
> few days, it become slow, the response time was 20 seconds until we
> restart cmis bridge instance, access log as below
> CMIS bridge accesslog
> 2016-12-14      16:32:02        20.551  GET
> /cmisbridge/atom/myrepository/content/?ID=idd_8413BC70-2875-4517-A709-84D0D7AF9803
>    200
> FileNet CMIS log
> - myview [14/Dec/2016:16:31:51 -0800] "GET
> /fncmis/resources/Service?repositoryId=myrepository HTTP/1.1" 200
> 20978
> - myview [14/Dec/2016:16:32:01 -0800] "GET
> /fncmis/resources/ myrepository
> /Content/idd_8413BC70-2875-4517-A709-84D0D7AF9803?filter=&includeAllowableActions=&includeACL=H
> TTP/1.1" 200 30753
> - myview [14/Dec/2016:16:32:01 -0800] "GET
> /fncmis/resources/myrepository/ContentStream/idd_8413BC70-2875-4517-A709-84D0D7AF9803/0/Report+E707.pdf
> HTTP/1.1" 200 993683
> I am wondering if there were any resources not been released properly
> when we use http call directly, any ideas where the slowness may come
> from? The other client apps using opencmis java or .net library do not
> have this issue.
> Thanks
> Wentao
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