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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Requesting for help in querying sharepoint 2010 Via CMIS workbench
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 11:13:16 GMT
Hi Neza,

Since getFolderTree and getDescendants are not supported by SharePoint 
you have to either walk through the hierarchy with getChildren or use a 
query ("SELECT * FROM cmis:documents").
I would prefer the query over getChildren and would not advise to use 
getFolderTree or getDescendants even if it would be supported.
(getDescendants delivers everything in your repository in one response 
if you call it on the root folder. Depending on your repository that can 
be a lot! I've seen getDescendants responses of a few hundred MB. It 
works but it took some time to generate the response on the server side 
and to read it on the client side. The overall user experience was ... 
not good).

Using a query has the advantage that you can page the results and 
therefore deal with a really large number of documents in your 
repository. If you need Document objects instead of QueryResult objects, 
checkout the method Session.queryObjects(...).

- Florian

> Hi Florian and opencmis devs
> I hope this email finds you well.
> I have been trying use opencmis to try to navigate my sharepoint 2010
> repository.
> I was reading on the dev guide but Ic ouldn't see how to navigate and
> see all documents on my repository.
> My request is:
> I am connecting to my repository in eclipse, I want to be able to view
> all documents in the folders and subfolders on that root repository.
> What I saw is that the getFolderTree capability seem to not be
> supported in SP 2010. Is there any way for using the api to get all
> documents for a root folder? I don't want to use the QueryResult.
> Any help will be appreciated. I really need to get that list of
> documents.
> Thanks.
> Neza
> On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 8:20 PM, Florian Müller <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Neza,
>> SharePoint has its quirks and OpenCMIS provides workarounds for a
>> few
>> issues, but in general OpenCMIS is working fine with SharePoint.
>> What authentication method are you using?
>> Basic authentication and Kerberos are known to work (if correctly
>> configured on the server side).
>> NTLM is not working. At first glance it seem to work, but eventually
>> HTTP POST requests (like query) will fail.
>> - Florian
>>> Hi Devs and Florian,
>>> My name is Neza. I am writing request for your help in cmis.
>>> I had tried using cmis workbench to query documents from the
>> alfresco side
>>> and it work perfectly, but when I moved to the sharepoint side,
>> every
>>> single thing i do in my query return a: Runtime: Unauthorized
>> exception. IT
>>> seems that queried from sharepoint are not being interpreted. Even
>> if I do
>>> something very basic lile:
>>> SELECT * from cmis:document.
>>> This have been running me crazy, I googled alot around since
>> monday and did
>>> not et any answer to my case. A few suggestions but nothing let me
>> to the
>>> solution.
>>> If you have already encountered this issue or can provide help, I
>> would
>>> appreciate.
>>> My cmis workbench is: 0.13.0 and SP 2010.
>>> Regards,
>>> Neza

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