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From Ian Wright <>
Subject Re: Connect to Alfresco with SSO
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 12:27:48 GMT
It's not exactly straightforward but is possible - how depends on your 
Alfresco version.
I'll keep the answer short as this isn't an Alfresco list.

The new Alfresco cmis endpoint wasn't included in SSO until 5.0.d - 
unfortunately these changes broke SSO so you need to either use the old 
endpoint and/or patch
I've an example Alfresco/CAS project at that shows more info and how 
to make it work.
(I've put in a proposal to talk about Alfresco/CAS at the BeeCon in April)

In the same github I have an experimental dojo store that uses the CMIS 
browser binding to talk to Alfresco and have had some success with that 
working via CAS.(I think it works but don't have the time to test it 
properly at the moment)


On 12/02/16 08:54, Bittard, Julien wrote:
> Hello,
> Our application use the java library opencmis to write a client for alfresco, with BASIC
> But now, we need to connect to alfresco in SSO with CAS.
> Do You know how to do that ?
> Thank You.
> Julien

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