Thanks Mark and Florian. I’m sorry, I missed to mention that I am currently working with Alfresco 4.2.f version.

And one more thing is that its failing both in production environment and also in dev environment. Atleast in dev environment I am sure that there are no restrictions imposed.

I am able to upload files of any size when I directly upload them into alfresco repository using their UI. Its failing only when I try it from my code.

Any thoughts ??




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I know In our environments, there are often file upload size limits set on corporate network tiers that can limit upload file sizes, say 20-25 MB per request just to manage high request volume across 1000s of client users we have. Files of a size like you're describing would get rejected before ever reaching our servers.  Also to Florian's point, your ECM repository server or even the app server settings you're running on,  may be stopping this



On Thursday, December 10, 2015, Florian Müller <> wrote:

Hi Hari,

That looks like a problem on the server side. Please contact your repository vendor.

- Florian

Hi Team,

I came across an issue and I am sure one of you would have come across the
same earlier and hence posting it to the group.

While uploading the file to a target folder in the repository, I ran into
CmisRuntimeException: Internal Server Error and I observed that its
occurring when I upload a file of around 25 MB.

I will have to deal with a maximum of 300MB files. Please suggest how I can
fix this. Thanks.

Below is my code.

              ContentStream contentStream =

                           .createContentStream(file.getName(), -1,

                                         "application/octet-stream", input);

              Document doc = target.createDocument(props, contentStream,






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