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Subject Strange ACL Test (TCK) failures, Issue to disable Copy Object in CMIS Workbench
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 13:44:11 GMT
Hello everyone,

my name is Marcel Romagnuolo and I am using the great OpenCMIS Server 
Framework to build a CMIS server for the CMS "Structr".

I am working a lot with the CMIS Workbench to test my implementations.
Over the time I got some problems, which I wanted to solve with your 

I am getting some failures in the ACL part of the TCK tests, which I 
dont understand:
"FAILURE: ACE contains a non-basic permission: xxx"

(See: )

In the repository are only non-basic permissions allowed! See here for 
the repository info:

As you can see the Supported Permissions are set on "REPOSITORY", which 
should indicate, that there are no basic permissions integrated, right? 
The OASIS Standard also says, that there are no basic permissions 
But why are the TCK tests failing then?

If I select a cmis:document, there is always the option under "Actions" 
to Copy the object, although all Allowable Actions are disabled. It just 
never disappears like the other Actions based on the Allowable Actions. 
How do I disable it?


Also some Allowable Actions don't get applied for some reason. For 
example the "CAN_GET_ACL" Allowable Action is not really working, 
because the user can always see the ACL of a object independent of his 

I really would appreciate your help.

Thank you for reading and best regards, Marcel

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