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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: AW: Access to the Principal List in the ACL Editor
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 09:49:15 GMT
Hi Kai-Uwe,

There have been many and long discussions about this. It's a very 
complex topic. There is no common understanding of a principal, a user, 
a group, or a role and the metadata around them. There are repositories 
that don't even have access the user management and wouldn't be able to 
provide any information about a user beyond the user ID. In an 
enterprise environment you usually have a central user management system 
(e.g. a LDAP server) that least provides users and groups to clients.
Defining all the concepts in the CMIS specification and a usable 
interface would take weeks, if not months (and would add quite a lot 
more pages to the spec). It was not worth delaying the CMIS 
specification for a few months because of this.

But feel free to join the CMIS Technical Committee and provide a 
proposal. The discussions about CMIS 2.0 are just starting.

- Florian

> Hi Florian,
> this is defiantly a weakness of CMIS in the area of DMS/Collaboration.
> Having a protocol with a standardized way to access users and groups
> would help repository vendors a lot  to support the CMIS protocol.
> Users and groups are nearly the same important as documents and
> folders.
> Kai-Uwe
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> Betreff: Re: Access to the Principal List in the ACL Editor
> Hi Marcel,
> CMIS deliberately doesn't provide any user management functionalities.
> This includes listing users. There is no standardized way to get all
> repository users.
> Just getting all repository users is probably also not what you want.
> Assume a repository with 100,000 users. It wouldn't be really helpful
> to have them all in the drop-down box.
> - Florian
>> Hello everyone,
>> my name is Marcel Romagnuolo and I am using the great OpenCMIS Server
>> Framework to build a CMIS server for the CMS "Structr".
>> I wanted to ask you how to get access to the Principal List in the ACL
>> Editor in the CMIS workbench (see:
>> ).
>> The Principal list only shows the Principals, who are currently listed
>> in the ACEs (+ "cmis:user" and probably the anonymous and anyone IDs).
>> The problem is, the ACEs don't always contain all Principals of the
>> repository.
>> I want to list all current Principals stored in the database of the
>> repository though. With that way the user can add easily new ACEs of
>> other principals.
>> Now I need to know where and how I can transfer the list of Principals
>> to the framework or if the framework manages it internally.
>> Thank you for reading and best regards, Marcel

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