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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Access to the Principal List in the ACL Editor
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2015 16:44:08 GMT
Hi Marcel,

CMIS deliberately doesn't provide any user management functionalities. 
This includes listing users. There is no standardized way to get all 
repository users.
Just getting all repository users is probably also not what you want. 
Assume a repository with 100,000 users. It wouldn't be really helpful to 
have them all in the drop-down box.

- Florian

> Hello everyone,
> my name is Marcel Romagnuolo and I am using the great OpenCMIS Server
> Framework to build a CMIS server for the CMS "Structr".
> I wanted to ask you how to get access to the Principal List in the ACL
> Editor in the CMIS workbench (see:
> ).
> The Principal list only shows the Principals, who are currently listed
> in the ACEs (+ "cmis:user" and probably the anonymous and anyone IDs).
> The problem is, the ACEs don't always contain all Principals of the
> repository.
> I want to list all current Principals stored in the database of the
> repository though. With that way the user can add easily new ACEs of
> other principals.
> Now I need to know where and how I can transfer the list of Principals
> to the framework or if the framework manages it internally.
> Thank you for reading and best regards,
> Marcel

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