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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: OpenCMIS on WebLogic 12
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2015 14:22:36 GMT
Hi Peter,

It should be possible to configure WebLogic 12 to use the JAX-WS stack 
that is bundled with an application instead of it's own. Maybe someone 
on this list can help.
The next release of OpenCMIS will use Apache CXF 3.0.x. So, you have to 
do something like this anyway.

There is no fixed date for the next release. We release when the 
community thinks it's time for another release. There haven't been any 
discussions about the next release, yet.

- Florian

> Following the OpenCMIS development guide, we have been able to create
> a server that works with Web Services on Tomcat. It appears that
> OpenCMIS requires the JAX-WS lib 2.1.7. However, on WebLogic 12, a
> later version is used for JAX-WS and the web services fail.
> Can the OpenCMIS server work with newer versions of JAX-WS at this
> time? If not, what is the roadmap for versions beyond 0.13.0?
> Thanks
> Peter

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