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From Sascha Homeier <>
Subject Re: [OpenCMIS][Client] Custom ObjectFactory and Adapter for EMF domain model
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 18:00:09 GMT
Hi Florian,

thx for the info.
Anyway I’m glad such an extension possibility exists at all.

Also I just finished a first POC of an own ObjectFactory which creates Folders and Documents
providing sample adapters in a couple of hours.
So till now seems to work pretty well ;)
(Minor problem in my case was that the *.client.runtime and *.client.runtime.repository packages
are not exported. So to reuse your implementation of ObjectFactoryImpl, DocumentImpl and FolderImpl
I needed to export them in an own wrapper bundle. But OpenCMIS-SPI header is working perfect
now to properly load my ObjectFactory ;-))) ).


> Am 11.08.2015 um 19:20 schrieb Florian Müller <>:
> Hi Sascha,
> You need your own ObjectFactory to provide an adapter implementation. There is no configuration
or other magic.
> This feature has been added but never really fleshes out. We have never implemented,
for example, a registry for adapters.
> - Florian
>> Hello together,
>> I am currently trying to build my own CMIS EMF (Eclipse Modeling
>> Framework) model for building a single-sourced Eclipse 4 RCP / RAP
>> CMIS Client.
>> After some research I was glad that next to the ObjectFactory SPI
>> OpenCMIS has a getAdapter() method at the top level CmisObject.
>> I think the intended usage is to implement an own ObjectFactory and
>> convert the CMIS domain objects to those with a proper getAdapter()
>> implementation.
>> In my case the provided adapter is an own EMF model class which I can
>> use for Content Provider on the GUI.
>> Is this correct?
>> Or is there another way to provide an impl for getAdapter()?
>> tia
>> Cheers
>> Sascha

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