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From martin krieken <>
Subject Cmisservlet init param
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2015 06:56:01 GMT
I am a java programmer and i currently i working myself into spring 4 (with java 8). I am trying
to build a Dam and a cmis connector would
be a really nice feature to have esp with the connector with Adobe drive.

I looked into the project and esp into the inmemory setup. I was able to connect a spring
project but i encounterd some thing that were not
compatible with the non-xml setup i am trying to run. I was able to get it running but with
some overriding etc, but i would really like
to avoid it if posible.

One of the things that is currently set as an init param on the servlet using the xml setup
is the Cmisversion. 
Both versions use the same servlet and it then sets the version based on the init param. Would
it be posible to make those functions public or maybe pass the version in using a constructor?

CmisWebServicesServlet servlet = new CmisWebServicesServlet();
servlet.setCmisVersion("1.0") //Or a double maybe..dunno how the nummering goes

I am using a setup where i use spring in combination with a non-xml setup. Currently i do
something likes this

public class CmisInitializer implements WebApplicationInitializer  {

        public void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext){
                WebApplicationContext context = getContext();        
                servletContext.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(context));

                ServletRegistration.Dynamic dispatcher = context.addServlet(name, new SpringCmisWebServicesServlet(version));


Currently i made a SpringCmisWebServicesServlet where i could pass it in using a constructor,
but having a function would be maybe more clear for the future.

Kind Regards,

Martin van Krieken

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