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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Cmisservlet init param
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 14:23:53 GMT
Hi Martin,

Have you tried setting the init parameters directly, like so:

dispatcher.setInitParameter("cmisVersion", "1.0");

If that works for you, then you don't need your 
SpringCmisWebServicesServlet class.

- Florian

> I am a java programmer and i currently i working myself into spring 4
> (with java 8). I am trying to build a Dam and a cmis connector would
> be a really nice feature to have esp with the connector with Adobe 
> drive.
> I looked into the project and esp into the inmemory setup. I was able
> to connect a spring project but i encounterd some thing that were not
> compatible with the non-xml setup i am trying to run. I was able to
> get it running but with some overriding etc, but i would really like
> to avoid it if posible.
> One of the things that is currently set as an init param on the
> servlet using the xml setup is the Cmisversion.
> Both versions use the same servlet and it then sets the version based
> on the init param. Would it be posible to make those functions public
> or maybe pass the version in using a constructor?
> CmisWebServicesServlet servlet = new CmisWebServicesServlet();
> servlet.setCmisVersion("1.0") //Or a double maybe..dunno how the 
> nummering goes
> I am using a setup where i use spring in combination with a non-xml
> setup. Currently i do something likes this
> public class CmisInitializer implements WebApplicationInitializer  {
>         public void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext){
>                 WebApplicationContext context = getContext();
>                 servletContext.addListener(new 
> ContextLoaderListener(context));
>                 ServletRegistration.Dynamic dispatcher =
> context.addServlet(name, new SpringCmisWebServicesServlet(version));
>                 dispatcher.setLoadOnStartup(1);
>                 dispatcher.setAsyncSupported(true);
>                dispatcher.addMapping(mapping);
>         }
> }
> Currently i made a SpringCmisWebServicesServlet where i could pass it
> in using a constructor, but having a function would be maybe more
> clear for the future.
> Kind Regards,
> Martin van Krieken

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