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From Ben Chevallereau <>
Subject RE: Question regarding Chemistry Parts
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:41:30 GMT

When you run your JS code, and when the query is sent to your repository, can you see the
response using a debugger in your browser ?

Usually, the first problem is the CORS configuration. Basically, if your repository is on and if you run your code on an other domain, like,
requests are usually forbidden (for security reason). So, if you use Alfresco, you need to
configure it to allow AJAX queries from an other domain.


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On April 15, 2015 at 9:59:26 PM, Shehadeh, Samir ( wrote:


I have a problem with the CMIS JavaScript, that I can not read the repositories, is there
a specific options that I need to add? Below is my code  

I am using CMIS.js library  

var baseURL = 'https://DOMAIN_NAME/cmis/browser';  
var session = cmis.createSession(baseURL);  

session.setCredentials(username, password);  

request : {  
success : function(data) {  
console.log("CMIS Connexion", data);  
error : function(e) {  
if (e.responseJSON)  
console.log("Error during the request: ");  
console.log("Error during the request: " );  

It give error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'rootFolderUrl' of undefined”,
in the LoadRepostories method.  


From: Lu, Wentao  
Sent: 2015, March 27 4:09 PM  
To: Shehadeh, Samir  
Subject: FW: Question regarding Chemistry Parts  


From: Ben Chevallereau []  
Sent: 2015, February 24 9:43 AM  
To:<>; Lu, Wentao  
Subject: RE: Question regarding Chemistry Parts  


We used this library for different internal use cases and it works really well. After “Chemistry
Parts” contains different sub components:  
* The jQuery based JS library  
* The 2 UI components based on the previous library to browse a repository  
* And finally WebParts and AppParts that embed the 2 previous UI components  

So, be sure to identify what you really need.  



Ben Chevallereau | Software Architect  
Armedia LLC  
website<> |<>
2000 Riveredge Parkway NW Suite 775 | Atlanta, Georgia 30328  
Phone (866) 398-0323 | Skype benjamin.chevallereau  


On February 24, 2015 at 5:40:22 PM, Lu, Wentao (<>)
Thanks Jay and Ben for confirm. Not sure why I did not receive your replies.  

To answer Ben's question: we don't have any deadline, just want to know if this library is
mature enough so we can use it in our coming projects.  


From: Lu, Wentao  
Sent: 2015, February 20 10:16 AM  
Subject: Question regarding Chemistry Parts  


We are currently using Chemistry java and .Net API here, but we have more and more requests
looking for CMIS javascript library and find "Apache Chemistry Parts", I have a few questions
regarding this library:  

1. Looks like it only support "browser" binding in CMIS 1.1, not web service and atompub,
is the correct? Is there a plan to support 1.0 binding in the near future?  

2. Our current CMIS server (FileNet CMIS) only support CMIS 1.0, but looks like if we put
Chemistry bridge in front of it and do the conversion, this Chemistry Part code will work,
do you see any potential issues here for this approach (assume we only use 1.0 functions)?

3. Chemistry Parts has not been released yet, is there an ETA for the release? In another
words, how mature of this library so far?  


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