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From Richard Mcknight <>
Subject Re: Contribution Apache CMIS PHP
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:16:48 GMT
Good Morning Teddy,

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the contribution ‹ I will review and add
it in the next couple of days.

Richard McKnight

Principal Technical Consultant -- Americas
Mobile: +1 908 247 0756
Skype: rmknightstar
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On 3/10/15, 4:34 AM, "teddy kossoko" <> wrote:

>        Hello, my name is KOSSOKO Teddy and I live in France. I am
>student incomputer science in sandwich course in a research lab named
>INRA. For my sandwichcourse, I used the CMIS version 1.8.1 PHP library to
>communicate with theAlfresco file manager, to upload files, delete them,
>or read them from a webinterface. I met some problems I solved by
>modifying the code of the library inthe file Cmis_Service.php. The
>initial code is in green. These changes are listed below:
>$hash_values['title'] = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9\s.&;\-!+=_']/", '',
>htmlentities($objectName, null, mb_internal_encoding()));
>//$hash_values['title']= preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9\s.&;\ ]/",
>'',htmlentities($objectName));        Parameters have been added to the
>htmlentities in order to have the rightencoding of filesAnd to keep the
>correct name of the folder or file, the regular expressionalso has been
>amended, the - (hyphen) and other characters supported by windowshave
>been added in order to avoid their deletion in file or folder names.
>    $varmap["path"] =urlencode($path);        //$varmap["path"]= path;
>    We have added the urlencode because when the request is made to
>retrieve afile, If the file contains a space or characters which are not
>interpretable bythe browserIt is necessary to encode it. For to some
>browsers and also starting encoding, a space can be encode by %20. In our
>test, it was encoded by + for example with the urlencode.         I do
>not know if these changes can be taken into account in order to makeCMIS
>PHP fairly generic to treat any format of files, any encoding,
>withoutchanges to the names of the files or folders. Yours sincerely.   

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