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From Jochen Kraushaar <>
Subject CMIS Server: Pooling CmisService instances
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2015 12:06:12 GMT

in the CMIS JCR bridge each call to 
JcrServiceFactory.getService(CallContext) creates a new CmisService 
instance. As a side effect each request ends up in logging in the user 
given by the CallContext. When the repository is called rapidly, this 
leads to performance and load issues.

As I found out on the Chemistry homepage, it is ok to manage the 
CmisService instances in a pool, see:
But when I debug the CMIS JCR bridge, it seems that after each request 
was processed, the close() method of CmisService is called. For the 
close() method the JavaDoc says:

"Signals that this object will not be used anymore and resources can 

Which - in case my CmisService instance is managed in a pool - is wrong.

Is it possible to switch calling the close() method off or should I 
ignore the close() method JavaDoc and rather implement my own clean up 
mechanism for pooled CmisService instances?


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