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From Nicolae Marasoiu <>
Subject advice how to use caching from the cmis client
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 09:33:24 GMT

I was looking for a "user" maillist, not a "dev" one, but I could not find it, so I will put
my user question here:

I am scared how the cache will behave on getObjByPath on a folder deleted than added back,
and more generally, since the cache seems read-only, and since there seems not to be any mechanism
to replicate changes in the content repo back to the client caches, how would the cache interact
with concurrency and trying to update old data - is there any optimistic/pesimistic locking
part of the scheme, and does it include the cache in its flow? How does one make sure that
it does not override changes made by another user/process? 

Is there a bidirectional version of the cache? I guess not, since CMIs does not include any
"push" notifications from the server side back to clients on changes.

Seems the safest way is to go without cache, or cache things for the small duration of the
"request" processing, such as caching the obj id of a folder where many children will be added.

What is your advice/experience with this?

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