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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: JCR Bridge
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2014 16:27:28 GMT
Hi Sascha,

Re 1.) There is nothing like this in OpenCMIS.

Re 2.) No, there is no maintainer for the JCR implementation at moment.
As long as nobody is looking after it, the JCR bridge will not be part 
of OpenCMIS releases.

- Florian

> Hello together,
> we have a requirement to connect the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
> with our CMIS server.
> So the assets and metadata from our CMIS server should be accessed by 
> the AEM.
> Afaik the AEM or its CRX from Day uses Sling with Jackrabbit and
> thereby of course JCR.
> Due to the OpenCMIS JCR Bridge I have two questions:
> 1.)
> On the Chemistry Webpage I read that the bridge provides access to JCR
> repositories from CMIS clients. In fact we need it the other way
> round: Our CMIS repositories should be visible as JC repositories. Is
> this at some extent possible with the OpenCMIS Bridge?
> 2.)
> Is the bridge still in development?
> If I remember correctly the original maintainer had not enough time to
> further manage the component.
> Did you find a successor?
> tia
> Cheers
> Sascha

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