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From Robert Ferin <>
Subject DotCMIS Login Problem With Documentum
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2014 18:23:54 GMT

I am having a problem logging into a Documentum repository via DotCMIS.  I 
have code that successfully logs into other repositories but is failing 
against Documentum.    I can login successfully to the same Documentum 
system using CMIS Workbench Version: 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT / Revision: ? / Build: 

The same credentials on my DotCMIS application fail.  I have attempted to 
login by choosing the first repository and by specifying a repository. 
Both methods fail.  I am using DotCMIS.dll

When I attempt to login to the first repository, 
factory.GetRepositories(loginParameters); returns a list of 0 items.

When I attempt to login by specifying the repository, I receive an 
exception that the repository does not exist.  This same repository is the 
one displayed by CMIS workbench:

Here is the exception for the specified repository:
DotCMIS.Exceptions.CmisObjectNotFoundException: Repository not found!
   at DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.RepositoryService.GetRepositoryInfo(String 
repositoryId, IExtensionsData extension)
repositoryId, IExtensionsData extension)
   at DotCMIS.Client.Impl.Session.Connect()
   at DotCMIS.Client.Impl.SessionFactory.CreateSession(IDictionary`2 
parameters, IObjectFactory objectFactory, AbstractAuthenticationProvider 
authenticationProvider, ICache cache)

Here is the snip of code that performs the login.  I split apart the 
GetRepositories call and login call to multiple statements so I could 
confirm that it is returning an empty list.

ISession myCMISSession = null;
loginParameters = new Dictionary<string, string>();
loginParameters[SessionParameter.BindingType] = BindingType.AtomPub;
loginParameters[SessionParameter.AtomPubUrl] = cmisAtomPubURL;  // 
cmisAtomPubURL; is a string
loginParameters[SessionParameter.User] = cmisUserID; // cmisUserID; is a 
loginParameters[SessionParameter.Password] = cmisPassword; // 
cmisPassword; is a string
SessionFactory factory = SessionFactory.NewInstance();

if ((cmisRepositoryID != null) && (cmisRepositoryID.Trim().Length > 0))
   loginParameters[SessionParameter.RepositoryId] = cmisRepositoryID;  // 
Login using a specific repository ID
   myCMISSession = factory.CreateSession(loginParameters); 
   IList<IRepository> repositoryList = 
   if (repositoryList.Count != 0)
      myCMISSession = repositoryList[0].CreateSession();  // Login to the 
first repository

When I click on "Load Repositories" using CMIS Workbench, it does list the 
single repository and the login to that repository is successful.  I do 
not understand why it is getting a list of repositories but my code does 

Can anyone offer any advice as to why I cannot login using DotCMIS when 
the same login credentials work with CMIS Workbench?


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