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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: OpenCMIS workbench root folder list
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2014 15:06:19 GMT
Hi Tim,

There is currently no way to restrict the number of loaded objects in the
If you want share your solution with us, please open an improvement issue [1]
and I'll have a look.

- Florian


> Hi,
> I work with repositories where the root folder is full of content
> (thousands of documents, possibly millions in our client's environments).
>  This causes a huge delay or crash when opening the workbench because it
> tries to list them all at start up.
> I made a small change to it to only list them if a particular system
> property is passed in, which works fine for us, but is there another way to
> configure it that I'm missing?  If not, would this feature be welcome?
> Thanks,
> Tim

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