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From Gavin Cornwell <>
Subject Meeting Minutes for ObjectiveCMIS status call
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 15:42:03 GMT
Meeting Minutes from 10th June 2014


Florian, Lukas, Peter, Gavin


- Review previous actions
- Discuss Reachability class added
- Next steps
- Any other business

Discussion Points:

- Browser binding branch has been merged back and all tests passing against 4 different end
points (an experiment also showed all tests pass against the 1.1 atom binding too)

- Peter added additional tests for CMISURLUtils

- Peter has now been nominated for committer access to the SVN repository

- The new Reachability class was discussed and a question raised whether it’s all required.

- A 1.4 release at the end of the month was discussed. There are some minor changes required
for query support (adding escaping) and some atom 1.1 binding tests to add before we create
a release candidate build. Lukas volunteered to be the release manager again.


Gavin: Add some 1.1 atom binding specific tests.

Gavin: Investigate whether start/stopNotifier/reachabilityWithAddress methods on CMISReachability
class are surplus to requirements. If not, it would be useful to have some logging for the
failure cases.

Lukas: To add support for query escaping.

The next meeting will be on Monday July 14th 2014, the webex details can be found at the end
of this message.



Meeting Number: 846 683 084 
Meeting Password: cmis 

UK toll-free: 0800-051-3810 
UK toll: +44-203-478-5289 
Germany toll-free: 0800-187-3683
Germany toll: +49-(0)6925511-4400
USA/Canada toll-free: 1-855-299-5224
USA/Canada toll: +1 631 267 4890

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