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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: AtomPub / setContentStream: How to efficiently determine new cmis:objectId after update on versioned cmis:document?
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 09:48:42 GMT
Hi Peter,

This has been discussed a long, long time ago, before CMIS 1.0 has been
released and the result is documented in section 3.1.9.

The problem is that the AtomPub spec does not define a response payload
to media edit PUT requests. That is, we cannot return the object ID in
the payload AND being AtomPub compliant.
Early CMIS drafts transported the object ID in a non-standard HTTP
header. This has been heavily criticized by HTTP experts and the CMIS TC
decided not go that route.

As long as nobody has a great idea how to return the object ID without
violating the AtomPub or the HTTP spec this is not going to change.

- Florian

> Thanks Florian - that confirms my analysis.  I’ve raised a bug report
> <> [1] against the
> specification for this.
> Cheers,
> Peter
> [1]
> On 2014-06-18, at 3:14 PM, Florian Müller <
> <>> wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> There is no standardized way and therefore OpenCMIS doesn't do it.
>> However, it is not impossible. The server must send a Location header in
>> the response of a setContentStream request. The value of this header is
>> a URL, which contains the new object ID.
>> The problem is that the pattern of this URL is not standardized. If you
>> know the server implementation and the URL pattern, you can extract the
>> object ID. If you don't know the pattern the best you can do is guessing.
>> But that is not implemented in OpenCMIS and hidden from the application.
>> We could implement some heuristics here, but that would never be 100%
>> reliable for all servers.
>> - Florian
>>> G’day,
>>> I realise this is a general CMIS question, but the TC doesn’t provide
>>> a general purpose Q&A / discussion mailing list, and this seems to be
>>> the nearest thing.
>>> Section 3.1.9 of the CMIS 1.1 specification states that the AtomPub
>>> version of the setContentStream service doesn't return the
>>> cmis:objectId of the new version of the document (note: this is an
>>> exception to the domain model, section  The Apache
>>> Chemistry library that I’m using (Java / OpenCMIS) faithfully
>>> implements this behaviour.
>>> My question is - how can a CMIS client application efficiently*
>>> obtain the new cmis:objectId value, after setting a new content
>>> stream on a versioned cmis:document via AtomPub?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Peter
>>> * where "efficiently" means "without further round trips to the CMIS
>>> server"

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