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From Gavin Cornwell <>
Subject Browser binding re-factoring
Date Thu, 01 May 2014 09:03:08 GMT
Hi Peter,

Great work on the browser binding so far, it’s really coming together.

As you’ve probably seen by now, I did part 1 of the re-factoring we agreed upon previously
(updating property names).

Part 2 is going to be a bit more disruptive as it’s going to involve renaming and moving
quite a few classes (ensure all Atom classes are named as such). So I thought it would be
best to co-ordinate this with you to avoid a merge headache for you and I.

I was planning on doing this tomorrow, do you think you’ll have your latest set of changes
committed by then?

As a side note, I looked into the UriBuilder classes last night and found, as you’d hinted
at, they are pretty specific to the AtomPub binding so I’m going to rename them as such
and move the constants from the generic CMISBindingSession class to the CMISAtomPubConstants

Following this, I’ll be available to help out with the actual implementation, if there are
any areas you’d like me to look at (that are not on your critical path) please let me know.



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