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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: MTOM not supported for SOAP 1.1
Date Wed, 21 May 2014 17:31:54 GMT
You can try running OpenCMIS with SOAP 1.2. I've never done it and don't
if it is actually working.

To do so, you have to adapt the /WEB-INF/sun-jaxws.xml file [1] and
change the WSDL templates in /WEB-INF/cmis10 and /WEB-INF/cmis11.
Clients should then recognize that they should send SOAP 1.2 requests
and expect SOAP 1.2 responses.

- Florian


> Appreciate your help Florian, I saw that soap11mtom10 protocol too.
> Unfortunately TIBCO BusinessWork does not support SOAP 1.1 with MTOM, only SOAP 1.2 with
MTOM. That's why I am looking for help :-(.
> The only workaround I can think of is to develop a servlet filter which convert incoming
TIBCO SOAP 1.2/MTOM to SOAP 1.1/MTOM, and  from SOAP 1.1/MTOM to SOAP 1.2/MTOM for outcome.
Any suggestion?
> Thanks
> Wentao
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> From: Florian Müller [] 
> Sent: 2014, May 21 12:35 AM
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> Cc: Lu, Wentao
> Subject: Re: MTOM not supported for SOAP 1.1
>  Hi Wentao,
>  There is a specification [1] that defines how MTOM works with SOAP 1.1.
>  This specification is widely supported by Web Services frameworks and  tools. I have
never heard of any problems with MTOM over SOAP 1.1.
>  The CMIS specification demands MTOM. Your server wouldn't be CMIS  compliant if you
would inline a document - although most CMIS clients  would be able to handle that.
>  The main problem with inlining is, that most Web Services frameworks  (on the client
and on the server side) have to handle the content in  main memory. That might work fine for
office documents, but could be  problem if you have a big file like a video or a CAD file.
>  Disabling MTOM in OpenCMIS is possible with just a few code changes,  but I wouldn't
recommend it.
>  - Florian
>  [1]
>> Hi,
>> We are developing our own CMIS server using OpenCMIS server framework
>> 0.10 and integrating it with TIBCO BusinessWorks, everything works
>> fine in CMIS server  side until when we tried to integrate it with
>> TIBCO BusinessWorks which is our client enterprise ESB standard.
>> Unfortunately we have to use Web services binding as it is enterprise
>> standard. Our TIBCO team point out that MTOM is not supported for 
>> 1.1, but as far as my understanding, CMIS 1.1 protocol is defined
>> using SOAP 1.1 namespace and OpenCMIS server framework force MTOM
>> enabled in using below code
>> // handle POST requests
>>         ProtectionRequestWrapper requestWrapper = null;
>>         try {
>>             requestWrapper = new ProtectionRequestWrapper(request,
>>         } catch (ServletException e) {
>>             printError(request, response, "The request is not MTOM
>> encoded.");
>>             return;
>>         }
>> Is there a way we can work around? i.e. can we disable MTOM but use
>> inline instead in OpenCMIS framework?
>> Thanks
>> Wentao
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