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From "Guendisch, Dieter" <>
Subject Re: DotCMIS funciton perfomance
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2014 20:37:13 GMT
Just out of curiosity: why did you expect DotCMIS to perform better than
(Even though I expect OpenCMIS to have more optimisations than DotCMIS, I
would have expected the JVM to have way more years of optimisations than
the .net stackŠ)


On 15/04/14 21:25, "Tetsunori Inada" <> wrote:

>I've done some function performance comparisons between OpenCMIS 0.10.0
>and DotCMIS 0.6.0.
>Even though I was expecting that DotCMIS would perform better than
>OpenCMIS, I found that functions/methods like CheckOut() and CheckIn()
>take about 50% to 100% longer to process with DotCMIS.
>For instance, for updating a same document:
>CheckOut(): 350ms for OpenCMIS and 770ms for DotCMIS
>CheckIn(): 434ms for OpenCMIS and 619ms for DotCMIS
>(Each process time may differ but roughly the ratios are consistent.)
>Is it normal to have such much slower performance with DotCMIS?
>And is there any chance that DotCMIS can outperform OpenCMIS with any
>future releases?
>Best regards,
>Tetsunori Inada
>Product Integrator
>Int├ęgrateur de produits
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